About us

Our story began in 2015, when we decided to return the tradition of wine-growing and wine-making to this exceptional wine-growing district. This cult region full of energy was already known back in the times of the ancient Romans and the Quadi.    

In medieval times the finest wines of the Esztergom archdiocese were produced here. Rumours of a brilliant grape-based drink found their way to Pressburg (today Bratislava) and Vienna, which the local wine-makers took very hard. The import of wines from the Lower Pohronie region was even prohibited by a decree of the king, because their quality significantly overshadowed the wines from the larger towns. 

One of the legends says that the king ordered that the wines from the Esztergom region not be carried by boat, but on wagons, because he hoped that the shaking over the uneven roads would depreciate the wines. The king’s malicious intentions, however, didn’t come to pass; he failed in his dishonest efforts, and reports of great wine, whose success he wanted to stop in any way possible, spread further – even as far as Germany and Poland.

This picturesque region is now taking on new life thanks to our wine-growing. The vineyards of the Világi Winery are surrounded by three rivers: the Danube, Ipeľ and Hron. This provides the unique climate of this region. Our vineyards, which we attend to carefully, ripen on the southern slopes, awash in sunlight.

The exceptional nature of this region is also reflected in our wines. Our classic labels depict the Danube and its iconic fish as well as the forest with resting mouflon that surrounds our vineyards.

Experience the unique pleasure of every sip!

How do our wines get made?

Wine with immutable taste is made in the small village of Chľaba according to old traditions and on the basis of the latest professional knowledge of viticulture. It’s said that the wines from Chľaba are born in lava. This is due to the volcanic soil enriched with Miocene deposits and andesites of volcanic origin, which give the wines a superb minerality.

When selecting varieties, we remembered those traditional for this wine-growing region and added the most well-known international varieties. We devote special attention to our wines, and during their production we pay heed to all, even the smallest, details. We cultivate the grapes in an organic way in order to preserve the natural ecosystem. In the production of wine, we consider preserving the uniqueness of the wine variety and our terroir as important. We’re proud that the minerality and nature of the terroir of our wines also represent the region at the international level.

We leave our Terroir Selection wines to mature for a long time in oak barrels of various sizes and types. When selecting the barrels we pay make sure that the wood used comes from the Carpathian Basin, because it is these barrels that are special to our wines.