Irsai Oliver 2021

2021, Quality dry white wine
Taste and sensory characteristics

A traditional Hungarian variety bred by Pál Kocsis in 1930 from two varieties: Pozsonyi Fehér and Pearl of Csaba. There are many legends about its naming, including one that Oliver Irsai was a fairy-tale character or that 100 Hungarian pengős were paid for the name. Neither is based on truth. Oliver Irsai was a real man born in 1930, when the grape variety of the same name was bred. Pál Kocsis named the new grape variety after the son of his friend József M. Irsai, whom he greatly respected. The instant we pour it into the glass, we feel the rich and intense bouquet that is characteristic of the variety. In the glass it has a clear greenish-yellow colour, with pale yellow reflections. The aroma literally spills from the glass. It is charming, light, fruity and also elegant and full. We can discover the aroma of basil flowers and grapes in the wine, and when tasting it, fresh natural flavours combine with spirited acids. The long aftertaste of the sip is exactly the same as when you pick a bunch of grapes – berry by berry. The wine is ideal for lighter dishes, such as prosciutto with melon or grilled fish.

Irsai Oliver
Categorization (classification)
Quality dry white wine
Serving of the wine
Serve chilled at 10-12 °C in white wine glasses with a volume of 280–360 ml.
Suitable combination of wine and food
Chicken dishes, freshwater fish, semi-hard cheeses, Provolone cheese
Wine region
South Slovak
Wine district
Alcohol content (%)
Volume (L)
Acid content (g/l)
Residual sugar content (g/l)