How do our wines get made?

Wine with immutable taste is made in the small village of Chľaba according to old traditions and on the basis of the latest professional knowledge of viticulture. It’s said that the wines from Chľaba are born in lava. This is due to the volcanic soil enriched with Miocene deposits and andesites of volcanic origin, which give the wines a superb minerality.

When selecting varieties, we remembered those traditional for this wine-growing region and added the most well-known international varieties. We devote special attention to our wines, and during their production we pay heed to all, even the smallest, details. We cultivate the grapes in an organic way in order to preserve the natural ecosystem. In the production of wine, we consider preserving the uniqueness of the wine variety and our terroir as important. We’re proud that the minerality and nature of the terroir of our wines also represent the region at the international level.

We leave our Terroir Selection wines to mature for a long time in oak barrels of various sizes and types. When selecting the barrels we pay make sure that the wood used comes from the Carpathian Basin, because it is these barrels that are special to our wines.